Forged a strong collaborative working relationship between the town and the school department resulting in:

  • A mutually satisfactory budget agreement with no strife

  • Exchange of land for the new Saxonville fire station

  • Expanded parking at the high school

  • Collaboration on finance, technology and human resources resulting in more efficiency for our taxpayers


Calculated the appropriate TIF amount for Jack's Abbey Brewing that resulted in:

  • The business expanding in South Framingham

  • Opening a restaurant in South Framingham 

  • Opening a new brewery and tasting room in South Framingham 

  • Created jobs in South Framingham

Supported the Lifetime Fitness project which: 

  • Brought another large taxpayer to Framingham

  • Created a wonderful athletic amenity for the neighborhood and Framingham

  • Redeveloped a former manufacturing site in North Framingham


Worked diligently and helped:

  • Save the Snow Property for conservation

  • Acquire land at 150 Irving Street from School Department for a future pocket park

  • Worked on Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) revisions to assist in saving open space in Framingham

  • Does not support NW Quadrant water and sewer extensions

  • Voted to put 0 Dartmouth Drive into conservation trust

  • Supported walking trail around Sudbury River at Framingham Center


Assisted with planning of new Saxonville Fire Station:

  • Worked with School Committee and Conservation Department to have land transferred to the town

  • Met with neighbors

Appointed New Fuller School Building Committee with Chairman of the School Committee: 

  • Developed a list of individuals that met the states school building reimbursement criteria and properly reflected the diversity of Framingham

  • Invited selected individuals to serve

  • Appointed Committee Co-Chairs

  • Group is meeting benchmark goals

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